Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dandify: Heading back to school in style!

Hoooray! School is back in session. Its time for: kids, class, lessons, lesson plans,
laughs, smiles,tears, (some from the kids, some from me, ha!)
 learning, excitement, and new adventures.

This school year, I'd like to start posting about cute comfortable teacher friendly attire. Sometimes its tough to look put together without being overdressed, or under-dressed for that matter. Would you believe my principal had to make an announcement about peoples clothing looking professional. That's embarrassing, we're adults and we should know better.  Anyway, back to sharing outfits. What better place to start than sharing pics of what I wore for the first day back!!! 

Bold and Bright
I decided to go with bright colors for the first day of school. I felt alive, energized and ready to meet the kiddos!
I could not pass up these canary yellow ankle length  pants when I spotted them at Ann Taylor LOFT.
 Doesn't hurt that LOFT offers a teacher discount. Woot!
The shoes are kitten heels, super low and comfy for standing in front of your students all day

Check out the cute zipper detail. (inner seam)

Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shirt: Forever
Shoes: Poetic License, Nordstrom
Earrings: Forever
Hair: Twist out
Smile: Yours truly
Looking forward to the rest of the school year!  Or shall I say, looking sideways ;-)
That's my 2 cents!



  1. Love it.. The colors are popping on you beautiful.. LOVE this post.. Wishing you an amazing school year.. xoxo..

    1. Thank you my dear! If my school year is any thing but amazing you know I'll complain to you ;-) lol. Kidding. Thank you!

  2. Love love LOVE this outfit! I love bright colors and am finally getting into color blocking. I wish I would've been able to find some yellow pants. Looks like you started the year out right!

    1. Thank you! I think you should check out ann taylor loft. They have had a huge sale selection recently. Maybe you'll find a pair :-)

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