Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Protective styles...

Hello Friends,

To all my ladies who are ready to fall back into protective styling techniques for the fall and winter months, say yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! YEAAAHHHH! lol.

Us curly girls have got to stay on top of protecting our fragile ends from the crisp dry air that is soon to come. Last weekend, I decided to deep condition and twist up my hair.  I intend to keep the style for about a week. While rocking protective styles, we still need to keep up with moisturizing our strands. I decided to simply mix water with a light leave in. (Kinky Curly) I lightly mist my hair morning and night to be sure my hair stays plump and full of moisture. 

I simply flat twisted the sides and left the crown and back area in 2 strand twists.
Take a peek at these super cute updo/ protective style pics I found while looking around on-line.

Tutorial for this style here!
This pic is from
Another up-do I tried. Simply add a side part,  french braid a chunk of hair on the side and continue around 3/4 of your head, pin top into your preferred shape and step out looking super cute!!
How cute is this look?
It's cleary possible to protect your locks and look good while doing it.
 Have fun with your hair and remember to protect those ends!!!!

What protective styles do you like to rock? Feel free to share below.

That's my 2 cents!


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