Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upcycled Vase

     Before you drag all of your recycling to the blue bin and to the curb, scan it for your glass bottles. Wine, Frappucino, even soda bottles if they are cute enough. Dig them out, get some twine and a glue gun. With these items you are on your way to a beautiful vase. This vase will work wonderfully for your dried flowers. However, it is gardeners twine so you may also put real flowers in it (I'm just not sure if washing will compromise the longevity of your new beautiful vase.)

What you'll need:
Recycled glass bottle
Gardeners twine
glue gun


  • Clean your glass bottle and dry thoroughly
  • Heat glue gun
  • Place one dab of glue toward the top of your glass
  • Press twine into the glue. Once it adheres, begin to slowly and tightly wrap twine around bottle.
  • Begin wrapping by going over the dab of glue and twine (to hide it) then wrap down
  • Continue down the length of the bottle
  • To finish, place a strip of glue horizontally and press twine into glue. Snip off end

Fill with beautiful dried flowers and you're done!! 

 That's my 2 cents!


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  1. Love it!!! Yours turned out beautiful girlie!!! :)))


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