Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emptying out the Fridge: Doctor up your frozen pasta ;-)

Hello Friends,

Today, I'd like to share a quick idea that will  help you turn bland to bold when it comes to frozen/canned goods!!.

To add some pizazz to your frozen pasta ie; tortellini or ravioli:
  • Saute your favorite vegetables in olive oil and garlic. The herbaceous taste of the olive oil, mixed with garlic is sure to pack a flavorful punch. Adding olive oil to your pasta will also ensure the texture doesn't turn sticky.
  • add fresh pepper  to your canned alfredo sauces. It really helps bring out more flavor.
I was able to turn this: 
  Frozen peppers
Frozen cheese tortellini
canned alfredo sauce
fresh cherry tomatoes
(Plus minced garlic and olive oil for sauteing)

Into this:

Simply combine your pasta, veggies, and sauce. 

A flavorful and filling dinner!!! 

The lesson here is, don't be afraid to spice up what you already have in your kitchen. Delicious food doesn't always have to equal a trip to the market ;-)

That's my 2 cents!


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  1. I love this idea of cleaning out the fridge. I did something like it with cleaning out the pantry. It made me really consider if I needed a can of tuna fish when I was done with that challenge ;)


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