Monday, August 8, 2011

Fabric, Fun and a Fabulous Friend...

Recently, I met up with my girlfriend M from Artsygirlconnection. We took a trip to the neighborhood  fabric store she frequents. Sew-fisticated. Yarn, buttons, and fabric galore! 

 Now, I don't sew much. But, wait until you see the fabulous no sew gorgeous-ness M draped on me! The turorial is posted over at the Artsygirl connection. 
Click the link below and check it out! 
No sew awesomeness! 

After our trip to Sew-Fisticated we made a quick pit 
stop for ice cream and a Raspberry lime rickey.
Then off to be creative!
This flavor was called Birthday party...
Marilyn. Isn't she Puuurrrrdddy?

Below you will find a brief tutorial on another awesome no sew project. 
The Hobo Purse

Making this video with Marilyn was hilarious! We could barely contain ourselves. So much fun, she's awesome. We look forward to bringing you many more tips, fun, and creative ideas in the future! 

That's my 2 cents!

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  1. lollol-- I absolutely LOVED fabric shopping & making our dresses.. LOADS of fun : ) ) .. TJ loves our dresses too : ) heehee.. Can't wait to get'up again.. Woohoo.. xoxoxo hunnay..


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