Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soup Series: Spicy vegetable soup

Making vegetable soup is seriously simple. A few steps and you're on your way to a serious nom nom nom session. First, you pick  your favorite veggies. Then, boil your water. Next, chop said veggies, add Sazon and let those vegetables cook down to a delicious, nutritious, satisfying soup. I'd like to share what ingredients I used to make the soup you see pictured below :-)

What you' ll need:
 crushed red pepper flakes, to taste ( I used 2tsp)
black pepper, to taste
1 packet Sazon (Goya)
7 or 8 cups of water

  • In a large stock pot bring water to a rolling boil
  •  as water boils chop/dice veggies into bite sized pieces 
  • add Sazon packet to boiling water and add veggies
  • season with pepper and red pepper flakes
  •  allow veggies to cook down for an additional 20-30 minutes on a low heat setting or until they reach your desired texture
This soup makes a great start to a meal, a good snack to tide you over until your next meal, or served with salad and perhaps some garlic bread makes for an entree.


That's my 2 cents!

- Kimba

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  1. Looks super easy! I have never even considered veggie soup as something I could make & I like to cook. Have to try :)


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