Friday, April 6, 2012

So Sweet!!!!: Buttercreme Frosting ;-)

        Being that it's Good Friday, any wonderful plans for Easter? If so please share. I'll be going to church, then an early dinner at my parents house ;-) I'm pretty excited.

        In preparation for Easter, some of you may be making some delicious treats... Do you need a simple frosting recipe? If you do, look no further!!! I GOT YOU!!!!

ButterCreme Frosting
I don't think people realize just how easy it is to make frosting... 
You only need four ingredients and a mixer ;-) 
Ready, set, let's go...

(Recipe gives you enough frosting to frost 24 cupcakes)
  • In a mixing bowl, combine butter, vanilla, and milk.  Whip until fluffy. 

  • Slowly pour in the powdered sugar and blend well. (until fluffy and smooth)
(If you want your cupcakes to have mountains of frosting on top, simply double the recipe)
 I made teal frosting to keep with the Easter spirit!!! 

Want fun colored frosting???? 
Here's a quick guide:
Below I will list how many drops of food coloring you will need to create each color.
(You'll need red, yellow, green, and blue food dye.)

Purple: 12 Red + 8 Blue
Orange : 12 Yellow + 4 Red
Teal: 6 Blue + 4 Green
Mint Green: 6 Green+ 2 Yellow
 Rosy pink: 6 Red + 2 Blue

That's my 2 cents!


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  1. Damn there is nothing like a chocolate cupcake with some buttercream frosting. That cupcake looks tasty :). Keep blogging i want to hear more of your great ideas.


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