Sunday, November 13, 2011

Simple Sunday: Sangria

Hello All!

Happy Sunday, hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. 
This morning I decided that each Sunday, I will post about something that is super simple to create/do, but has  a wow factor/ huge impact. So, for my first Simple Sunday, here is a super quick and yummy White Wine Sangria recipe! Hope you'll enjoy. Actually, I know you'll enjoy it!

What you'll need:
2 bottles of Chardonnay
1 cup of Lemon Lime Seltzer water
1/2 cup sugar
(You can really use any fruit you love) 
Punch bowl or other cute container for your beverage
  • Using chilled wine, pour 2 bottles of Chardonnay into your bowl.
  • add 1 cup of seltzer and sugar. Stir
  • Slice your lemons and oranges into wedges or circular slices
  •  add your beautiful fruit to the bowl and watch as people gasp at its beauty!
Tip: Leave an ice bucket on the side, that way you will not water down the flavor of your yummy drink as ice melts ;-)

That's my 2 cents!



  1. Yummy.. I LOVED IT.. : )) Care to share it here..? Please link it to my thanksgiving foodie fun linky pweease.. TY

  2. Hello Kimba
    Lovely with some inspiration.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    The weather here in central Jutland is: Foggy / raw cold + 3.7 degrees
    I have the "window shopping" in Herning today.
    Wishing you a good Monday.
    Hugs Hanne Bente ♥


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