Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday ;-)

Happy Saturday Friends!
This week was a long one. Between prepping for parent teacher night, the actual  parent teacher night, and a student breaking their arm while playing at recess... 
Thank the Lord for the long weekend ahead! 

Here in Boston, the weather is playing games! Yesterday was brown leather boot weather, today 80! I'm not complaining... Just making note. However, today is Seafood Saturday  so, I will be heading to the Clam Box for lunch with my boo in a bit!  The awesome weather means we can eat outdoors and enjoy the ocean breeze. Wahooooo!

Today I'm linking up with Ewa Kelly for: Flowers on Saturday! 

 Sunflowers are my # 1 go to flowers! Whether I see them growing through a neighbors fence, or a beautiful bouquet resting on my coffee table. Sunflowers always make my heart happy! 

 Enjoy your Saturday!

That's my 2 cents!


  1. Great image, nice pop of color.

  2. sunflowers make me happy as well,
    the weather over here in Ireland playing tricks again, the morning was so lovely with lots of sun and its back to clouds again now in the evening, I'd say it will rain later on
    thank you for linking up today :)

  3. sunflowers are great to photograph. nice capture!

  4. Sunflowers are one of my favorites, so perky and bright. I have grown them outdoors and have admired them in my kitchen. They always make me happy! Great photo!

  5. One of my friends LOVES sunflowers - has them everywhere on cards and tablecloths etc. I really like your close up of the flower with the light shining in from the side.

  6. I love sunflowers too. Lovely picture


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