Thursday, September 15, 2011

King Crab Legs

First of all, YUM! Second of all, next to peanut butter and jelly or, cereal for dinner, this was the easiest meal EVER! 

My main squeeze was really in the mood for King Crab Legs. I reaped the benefits of his craving. A quick trip to the grocery store, King Crab Legs, water, Old Bay seasoning, broccoli and, a pot are all you need for this quick, yummy and, healthy dinner.

All you need to do is steam the crab legs. To do this:
my water looks like it is floating! (it's in a clear pot.)
  1. Place about 2 inches of water and lots of Old Bay seasoning  into a large pot.
  2. wait for water to boil
  3. once the water is boiling add crab legs and broccoli 
  4. cover pot and allow steam to heat your crab meat and broccoli (Do not heat too long. You don't want your meat to become tough.)
  5. ENJOY!!! 
That's my 2 Cents!


  1. I just found your blog and love it! I know its time to go to bed though bc its after midnight and I'm looking at these crab legs salivating. I can taste it right now too. :-0

    Please stop by

  2. LOL at comment above.. haahaa. LOve it.. YUM Kimba.. Why am I not ever invited over for dinner.? NOTCOOL.NET!!!


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